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Sometimes, speed doesn't pay. When washing the siding on your home, it's faster to use a high-powered pressure washer, but that doesn't mean it's the best option. Certain home facades fare better when washed with soapy water and a durable sponge. The roofing contractors at Big John Roofing provide this specialty service for area homeowners who want the exterior of their homes cleaned and not damaged. 


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Benefits of Having Big John Roofing Handwashing Your House

During our over 46 years in the industry, we've seen people do all kinds of things to clean the siding of their homes. From scraping to pressure washing to bleaching. Not too many people hand wash their siding these days, and not many contractors provide this service, but we prefer it for several reasons. 

  • Gentle cleaning: Hand washing is a gentler way of cleaning your house, which makes it ideal for delicate siding materials such as wood or stucco. Pressure washing can damage these surfaces by stripping off the paint or creating gouges in the siding.

  • Precise cleaning: Hand washing allows you to target specific areas of your home that require more attention. This level of precision is not possible with pressure washing, which can result in water and soap runoff onto areas of your home that don't need to be cleaned or that can be damaged by chemicals.

  • Less risk of damage: Hand washing is a safer cleaning method as it doesn't use high-pressure water that can potentially damage windows, trim, or other exterior features of your home.


Types of Siding That Are Best Washed by Hand

The best siding materials for hand washing are those that can withstand some mild scrubbing without getting damaged, but that may be damaged if pressure washed at too high of a PSI. Big John Roofing has found that even brick homes can sustain damage to the mortar with aggressive pressure washing. Wood, vinyl, and stucco siding can all benefit from gentler cleaning methods like hand washing by Big John Roofing to avoid damage. Call (917) 810-5814 to schedule a free quote.

These types of homes should always be pressure washed:

  • Older homes: Older homes often have more delicate materials that can be damaged by pressure washing. For example, homes built before the 1970s may have lead paint, which can be stripped off by the force of the water.
  • Historic homes: Historic homes are often made from materials that are more delicate and require special care. Pressure washing can damage the siding, trim, and other features of historic homes.
  • Softwood siding: Softwood siding, such as cedar or redwood, can be easily damaged by pressure washing. The high-pressure water can strip off the softwood's natural oils and leave it vulnerable to rot and other damage.
  • Stucco: Stucco can be damaged by the force of pressure washing, which can create cracks and chips in the material. Hand washing or low-pressure washing is a better option for cleaning stucco.
  • Older brick: Older brick can be porous and absorb water, which can cause damage over time. Pressure washing can force water into the brick and cause cracking or other damage.

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